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Clinical Trials for Women Who Have Breast Cancer

Since breast cancer is such a widespread problem, many research studies are conducted to get more information on the disease, its causes, prevention and treatment. Subjects are frequently needed for studies that test new treatment methods. Patients at all stages of breast cancer can and do take part in clinical trials. If you choose to take part in a trial, you'll have access to state-of-the-art technology and treatment. Studies are highly regulated, and steps are taken to protect the patients involved. You can leave a study at any time. If you've been diagnosed and want to take part in a study, discuss the ramifications with your doctor. There are risks involved with studies (such as using medications that have not been tested for long term side effects) but there are benefits as well. You may benefit from a powerful new treatment before it's available to the general public, and you may play a role in getting a breakthrough therapy on to the market.

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