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Clinical Trials for Women Who Don't Have Breast Cancer

Most clinical studies that study breast cancer use participants who have already been diagnosed. These studies are designed to compare the effecitveness of two different treatment options. There are som studies on preventing breast cancer in high risk women. If you are high risk but have not been diagnosed yet, you may qualify for this type of study. Understand that these studies may ask you to use treatments or medications whose long-term side effects are not yet known. You'll need to weigh your risk for cancer with the possibility of these side effects. You must also understand that you may still get breast cancer, despite the treatment, or you may never have gotten it at all, even without the treatment. This is a very personal and difficult decision. If you decide to participate in breast cancer research, you'll join the thousands of women who have been studied to date, and whose cooperation has contributed to significant improvements in breast cancer treatment and prevention.

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