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Breast Cancer Tips

What Causes Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer Risk Factors You Can Prevent

While not every risk factor for breast cancer has been identified, and some of those that have cannot be influenced, there are some risk factors you can prevent. Improve your odds by making smart lifestyle choices. If you're a junk food junkie and a couch potato, particularly if you're post-menopausal, you are at a higher risk. Exercise and a low-fat diet can help reduce your risk. There is some evidence that having children before you are 30 can lessen your risk later in life. Breastfeeding your children lowers your risk. If you have one or more alcoholic drinks a day, you may be at higher risk. Exercise, a healthy diet, starting a family while you're still young and abstaining from alcohol can improve your odds. Since no one cause has yet been identified, doing everything you can to minimize your risk could save your life.

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