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Breast Cancer Tips

Information About Breast Cancer Diagnosis

An Inflamed Breast Might be Cancer

If your breast is red, swollen and hot to the touch, it could be mastitis, a breast infection. It could also be inflammatory breast cancer, a rare but dangerous form of breast cancer. Inflammatory breast cancer affects the breast differently than other types. It doesn't start with a lump or a tumor, but rather affects the breast in sheets. Inflammatory breast cancer is very difficult, sometimes impossible, to detect via mammorgram or manual breast exam. It's typically only when symptoms flare up that this aggressive form of breast cancer is detected. It may be initially incorrectly diagnosed as mastitis. If you have inflammation in your breast, see your doctor right away and ask about inflammatory breast cancer. Your doctor may assume mastitis, but if you disagree, insist on additional testing. If your doctor prescribes antibiotics for mastitis but the symptoms persist for a week or so, make another appointment immediately.

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