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Breast Cancer Tips

Learn About Preventing Breast Cancer

Mastectomy as a Breast Cancer Prevention Technique

Some women think that the only certain course of action to prevent breast cancer is to have your breasts removed before cancer has a chance to strike. Even if you have a mastectomy, however, cancer can still occur in the small amounts of breast tissue left behind. And the emotional and psychological impact of a mastectomy can be significant. Insurance may not pay for a preventive mastectomy, even if your risk factors are higher than average. Before you consider such a drastic step, educate yourself on preventing breast cancer and do all you can to protect yourself. The decision to have a mastectomy to prevent breast cancer should not be made lightly. Discuss your options with your loved ones. Don't rush into anything. If you do not yet have breast cancer, you have plenty of time to decide while your breasts are, and may very well remain, healthy.

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