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Eating Well Through Breast Cancer Therapy

It's never more important to eat a well balanced diet than during breast cancer therapy. You may not feel like eating, but treatment can sap your strength and damage tissue, increasing the body's need for nutrients. Load up on fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C; meat, beans, dairy and other high protein foods; and whole grains that provide carbohydrates for energy. Drink lots of fluids - hydration is very important during treatment. If it's difficult to sit down to a big meal three times a day, try eating smaller meals more frequently. Taking small bites and eating slowly will help the food stay down. Some foods make you more prone to diarrhea or vomiting, so if you have those issues, keep track of what you're eating to help determining what's causing it. Discuss any dietary or digestive problems with your doctor, who may know of a solution.

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